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Case Studies & White Papers

Learn how industry leaders are using OnePager

Merck Case Study

Empowering Merck’s PMO to Communicate Massive Amounts of Data

With so much happening at any given time, it is essential that Merck’s project management organization has the tools to efficiently deliver mission-critical information to all stakeholders, from scientists and researchers to administrators and executives. This traditionally proved challenging due to the shortcomings of legacy technology. But not anymore.

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NASA Case Study

Helping NASA Streamline Plan Communications

When it comes to complex projects, there are deadlines … and there are deadlines. A space launch most certainly falls into the latter category. So when project analysts at NASA’s Glenn Research Center need to make sure timelines stay on track, they need to ensure they’re effectively and efficiently communicating critical information. With the help of plan communications software, they’ve found a way.

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Celgene Case Study

Keeping Project & Portfolio Management Running Smoothly for Bristol-Myers Squibb

In the high-stakes world of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, companies like Celgene (acquired by Bristol-Myers Squibb) require the absolute tops in project and portfolio management to keep efforts running smoothly. To serve the needs of cancer and inflammatory disorder patients worldwide, they need the best people, the best processes and the best technology. Fortunately, they appear to have found all three.

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IT Case Study

International IT Project in Crisis

For one Fortune 500 financial services company, communication problems were already hampering a large international IT initiative within a month of kickoff. That’s when the project manager took decisive action, putting in place a number of crisis communication techniques to rein in the team and salvage the project. The one tool essential to effectively implementing the revised process: OnePager plan communications software.

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Insmed Case Study

Fast Growth Drives Business Evolution at Insmed

Insmed, a mid-sized biotech company that focuses on serious and rare diseases, began to experience heavy growth and investment in 2016. Along with that growth came a rapidly expanding portfolio of potential products to keep track of, and manage.

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Achaogen Case Study

NDA Submission Success at Achaogen

Achaogen, a late-stage biopharmaceutical company based in South San Francisco, had never submitted an NDA. While they have veteran resources on the team who had been through the submittal process before, it was a first for their team. They learned quickly what would (and wouldn’t) work, to ensure everyone was on the same page, and that positive and productive collaboration was occurring on a regular basis to help move the ball toward the goal.

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Achaogen Case Study

Case Study of an Aviation Industry Veteran and OnePager Expert

Like most industries with heavy oversight, aircraft design and manufacturing requires a rigorous certification program that must be carefully managed and tracked, according to regulation. When Nancy Childress began using OnePager, she was able to create high-level schedules for executive consumption, across four major programs.

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