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Chronicle Graphics OnePager Pro and OnePager Express are used by leading PMOs worldwide, across all major industry sectors.

Who Uses OnePager?

OnePager is used by many thousands of companies and organizations worldwide. Here are some key statistics:

Biotech & Pharmaceuticals

OnePager is used by 19 of the 20 largest pharmaceutical companies globally.

Aerospace & Defense

OnePager is used by 9 of the 10 largest aerospace and defense contractors in the US and Europe.

Government & Public Sector

OnePager is used by over 90 government agencies.

Worldwide Adoption

OnePager is used in 49 different countries.

Curious about whether OnePager is already in use at your company and what licensing arrangements are in place? Your sales representative can provide you with this information upon request.

What Customers Are Saying

"We were able to pull three, four or more projects into a single image. That wasn’t possible with other tools."
- Senior Project Management Specialist at Merck
"Departments don’t work in silos. Sharing project data in a OnePager makes it easy for groups to realize how their time estimates and performance affect the next group."
- Project Analyst/Scheduler at Vantage Partners, LLC
"OnePager has significantly increased our capabilities for creating accurate timeline views from a variety of data sources."
- Senior Manager for Portfolio Operations at Celgene (now Bristol-Myers Squibb)
"The leadership is now accustomed to picking up on the visual cues that pertain to the important stuff...[OnePager] forces the specific discussions, and it is adding positivity and efficiency to our business."
- Project Manager, Technical Operations at Insmed
"OnePager helps everyone see their work in the context of the project’s big picture."
- Nancy Childress, Aviation Industry Veteran
"Importing MS Excel and Project files into OnePager is a breeze! The best part about OnePager is the ability to format just about everything. Everyone loves the milestone shapes! My team uses this software regularly to present the status of many different schedules. The graphics produced by OnePager are presented as-is to executive-level leaders and customers, and the graphics are consistently received well due to the appealing visuals."
- Aviation & Aerospace User
"Due to an abundance of work, we have multiple schedulers working on the same projects. Our schedules are quite detailed so trying to manually roll up the data from multiple schedules has been time consuming. OnePager Pro has allowed us to roll our 1,000+ line plans into a format consumable by executive management."
- Senior Principal, Aviation and Aerospace Company
"[OnePager is] so straightforward to use and is a fantastic communication tool. The layout options are extremely easy to throw an eye over."
- Researcher, Medical Device Company

How Customers Use OnePager

Select case studies highlight some of the ways that customers in different industries use OnePager:

Case Study

With so much happening at any given time, it is essential that Merck’s PMO has the tools to efficiently deliver mission-critical information to all stakeholders.

Case Study

When it comes to complex projects, there are deadlines … and there are deadlines. A space launch most certainly falls into the latter category.

Case Study

Insmed's rapid growth came with an expanding portfolio of potential products to track and projects to manage.

Case Study

Like most industries with heavy oversight, aircraft design and manufacturing requires a rigorous certification program that is carefully managed and regulated.

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