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Sacramento Valley PMI Scheduling Forum

The PMI-SVC Scheduling Forum provides on-going opportunities for Sacramento area professionals to improve scheduling skills through networking, share project experiences, supply and receive training, and provide support and encouragement. In addition, Forum members can discuss emerging issues and share their expertise to help provide significant value to other PMI-SVC members.

At this month's meeting, Safford Black from Chronicle Graphics will demonstrate OnePager Pro, the leading reporting add-in for Microsoft Project.

Speaker Bio
Safford is founder and Chief Operating Officer at Chronicle Graphics, the company that publishes OnePager Pro and OnePager Express, project reporting software packages that engage project teams and hold their attention with rich, concise project timeline views, right from Microsoft Project or Excel.

An expert in project visualization, Safford combines his Psychology, technology and project management backgrounds to help people understand how to better communicate with project stakeholders.

Date and Time:
December 2nd, 2014
11:30-1:00 PST

Sutter Square Galleria
30th and K Streets
Sacramento, CA