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MPUG Webinar: Better-than-ever Project Plans: Using Cognitive Psychology to Communicate Effectively

Join Safford Black, OnePager's COO, for an interesting look at how cognitive psychology is at the foundation of effective plan communications. In many ways, project management is as much about communication as it is about delivery – and communication, in turn, is tied to how the human brain works to process information. This process of information is also known as cognitive psychology.

Understanding cognitive psychology can help project managers to communicate effectively and use plan communication tools to organize information for optimal understanding. As a result, clear communication ensures stakeholders are in alignment.

In this webinar, attendees will get an academic understanding of how cognitive psychology can be applied practically to project management.

Some questions attendees will be able to answer after the session include:

  • How much information can a human absorb on a single page?
  • How many visual groupings or categorizations (e.g. colors) can be applied to that data?
  • When does a plan communication change from being easy to understand, to needing more explanation?

Attendees are eligible for 1 PMI® PDU in the Strategic category of the Talent Triangle.

Date and Time:
November 16, 2016
12:00-1:00 EST

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