OnePager was recently named to Entrepreneur's 360 list, which celebrates entrepreneurship, and our businesses's ability to improve and grow, based on what we learn works and doesn't work for us, and our customers. Hooray for us!

"Simplicity is courageous" BRILLIANT

Another of our more recent blog posts continues to dig into the cognitive psychology of plan communications, and pulls from Scott Berinato's recent book "Good Charts," published by the Harvard Business Review. We've been preaching "less is more" for a long time, so it's good to have some healthy research behind the advice. Click on this link, or the image to the right to hear our thoughts on simplicity in your charts.

New Step by Step Video - Multi-Project Charts in OnePager Pro

If you've ever had a need to create a visual in OnePager using data from multiple files in Microsoft Project, but have been worried it might be too difficult, we've created a video to help get you going. There's really not much to it!
OnePager Classroom Training!

Haven't yet inquired about OnePager Classroom Training? Click here, on the image to the right, or simply reply to this email in order to get information. OnePager Training is usually the most benefit for people who have been using the application for a minimum of one month, but up to many years. There is absolutely no substitute for these valuable sessions!