We're on the cusp of releasing a beta of OnePager 6.0! That means we're in need of help to thoroughly beta test. If you are interested in participating, please click this link to sign up. 6.0 will include a data filter in OnePager to simplify the import process, the ability to include up to 5 columns of data to the left of your chart, and control of field mapping from within your project views!
Storytelling with OnePager
As a OnePager user, you're already creating data visualizations of your plans, but you may not be "storytelling."  This is a hot topic right now, and if you'd like to learn more, click on the image to the right or this link, to read a blog post about storytelling in your Gantt charts with OnePager.


Right-clicks in OnePager - Hidden Gems

Did you know that if you right-click in different parts of the OnePager application or on different elements in the body of your chart, that you get different options and shortcuts to accomplish different things? If not, please read this recent blog article, and then explore it yourself!
OnePager Classroom Training!

Haven't yet inquired about OnePager Classroom Training? Click here, on the image to the right, or simply reply to this email in order to get information. OnePager Training is usually the most benefit for people who have been using the application for a minimum of one month, but up to many years. There is absolutely no substitute for these valuable sessions!