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OnePager Newsletter

March 2017

OnePager 6.0 is coming soon!

Click this link and add your email to the form at the bottom of the page and get notified when 6.0 becomes publicly available.

OnePager Flag Milestones

Country Flag Milestone Shapes in OnePager

Did you know there are flag milestone shapes in OnePager? We recently wrote a blog post about how to access and utilize these shapes in your visuals...read more here.

Enterprise Custom Fields

Filtering OnePager Using Enterprise Custom Fields (ECFs)

Using Project Online has the benefits of allowing your organization to create ECFs. Learn how to use these columns to filter what you bring into OnePager here in this step by step article.

Ever had your tasks show up as milestones?

As many of our veteran users know, there is a setting for just about everything in OnePager. This recent article outlines a case in point: Task/Milestone threshold. This setting controls when a task is small enough to display as a milestone shape, to avoid showing as a tiny sliver of a task bar.