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OnePager Newsletter

May 2017

Have you upgraded to OnePager 6.0?

If you upgraded to 6.0 earlier this year, we've made some additional updates in v6.0.6.

If your maintenance is current, you are entitled to this release at no additional cost, and you can download 6.0 using this link. If you're unsure if your maintenance is current, you can check your status using this link. If you know you are not eligible for a free upgrade, but are interested, please contact [email protected] for a quote or to request a trial of 6.0.

Lastly, make sure to sign up for release notifications, so you can get an email as further updates to 6.0 arrive!

What's new in OnePager 6.0?

Video of What's New in 6.0

Watch it here!

Additional Text Columns

Additional Text Columns

In OnePager 6.0, you can add up to 5 additional text columns to your data visualizations.

Take a look here for details.

Custom Import Filters

Custom Import Filters

In OnePager 6.0, you can use a custom filter instead of "Yes" values to determine what data you import from Project or Excel.

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Unlimited Field Mappings

Unlimited Field Mappings

In OnePager 6.0, you have access to all of your Project and Excel fields for swimlane grouping, labels, and conditional formatting.

Click here for more info >