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The OnePager Chronicle

Summer 2012

The OnePager Chronicle is Chronicle Graphics' quarterly newsletter, and is the best way to learn of updates, tips, and tricks for using OnePager Pro and OnePager Express. Not a subscriber? You can join for free today!

Inside this issue:

Introducing new video and TGIF tutorials

Introducing New Video and TGIF Tutorials

Chronicle Graphics has recently launched two new ways for you to conveniently learn more about OnePager and to get some of your basic questions answered. The first is our new library of video tutorials. These videos cover a wide spectrum of topics, from the basic questions that are common for new users, to advanced topics that our seasoned users will appreciate.

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Absorbing tasks and creating virtual summary tasks

Absorbing Tasks and Creating Virtual Summary Tasks

Often we hear from OnePager users that they need to show more information in their project view, but don’t want things to get too cluttered. OnePager has a couple of features that are useful in saving space in the view while still showing important information. The first is the technique of absorbing some tasks into another, while still making reference to each individual task. Another is the concept of the virtual summary task which creates a pseudo-summary task out of tasks imported from Microsoft Project or Excel.

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Project management KPIs – Measuring project management performance

Project Management KPIs – Measuring Project Management Performance

Measuring the performance of project managers and PMO teams as a whole seems to be a very hot topic lately. In my own experience, many who are new to the role of leading a PMO tend to immediately look to create metrics based on the business goals of the organization (e.g. increase customer retention by 10%). In some cases, they are forced into this.

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Establishing a OnePager users group with your team

Establishing a OnePager Users Group with your Team

Most of our users are already aware of our online user forums and LinkedIn users group as great ways to interact with other OnePager users to ask questions or to share tips and tricks. However, some of our customers have taken this a step further by establishing their own internal OnePager user groups as well.

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