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Introducing the Chronicle Graphics Blog

Jay Leslie

Did you know that Chronicle Graphics has a blog? Outside of our periodic newsletter, this is a great place to get useful and more frequent information about how to better use OnePager, research and opinions about project management best practices, and other guidance you can apply immediately as you strive to become a master communicator.

Most recently, Bob Feingold, our VP of Product Management at Chronicle Graphics and the former CIO of the State of Colorado, posted an informative 4-part series titled Presenting Projects With Your Audience in Mind. This must-read procession from the mind of a distinguished career executive provides extremely useful general direction, as well as specific tips, when it comes to presenting to the three groups of people a project or program manager most commonly communicates with over the lifecycle of an initiative; a project team, executives or sponsors, and clients.

Bob also introduces us to the concept of Gantt Art, which OnePager creates, but is also something that he goes into great detail to explain and make certain we, as creators and presenters of information, have a specific process for deciding what to present in a methodical and calculated way.

As you may know, especially if you’re a current OnePager user, we are very fond of engaging in dialogue about our applications and our industry. So please, feel free to have a look and give us your opinions about what we’re throwing out there! As the wise men say, you can learn a whole lot more by listening than talking. 15-Day
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