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Unleash the Power of Conditional Formatting

Safford Black

Another key upgrade in OnePager Pro 5.0 will be the ability to define powerful new rules that automatically format your OnePager chart based on the data in your Microsoft Project plan. OnePager Pro has always been the leader when it comes to dynamic, data-driven formatting. Advanced users of OnePager Pro know that they can already color-code a project plan based on one Microsoft Project column (e.g. Resources) while dynamically creating swimlanes based on another (e.g. Outline Level).

OnePager Pro 5.0 takes this concept even farther with a new conditional formatting engine. With this new rules engine, users can define the following properties of their milestone chart based on a set of values from Microsoft Project:

  • Color
  • Shape
  • Height
  • Border
  • Font

These new rules are managed in a simple wizard, which makes it easy to see which columns from Microsoft Project are driving the look and feel of your chart:

Create custom rules to define the look and feel of your OnePager Pro chart dynamically based on your Microsoft Project plan.

When your Microsoft Project schedule changes, all you need to do is refresh your OnePager Pro chart. Your chart will be updated, and the format of the tasks and milestones will be automatically refreshed based on your rules. So if a task changes from low risk to high risk, OnePager Pro will automatically change it from green to red. Each time you create a new snapshot of your project, the rules will be reapplied to the data at that point in time, giving you a time-specific picture of your project that is dynamically formatted.

Once you have created a set of rules, you can incorporate them into a template and share it with anyone else in your organization. This gives you the opportunity to set up rules once, and standardize the look and feel of your project reports in just a few clicks.

The new conditional formatting engine is available now in OnePager Pro 5.0 beta, and will soon be available to all OnePager Pro users with an active maintenance and support subscription. 15-Day
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