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Establishing a OnePager Users Group with your Team

Safford Black

Most of our users are already aware of our LinkedIn users group as a great way to interact with other OnePager users, to ask questions, or to share tips and tricks. However, some of our customers have taken this a step further by establishing their own internal OnePager user groups as well.

Internal user groups are a great way to get even more out of your OnePager investment. Here are some of the benefits of establishing your own user group:

  • Discuss tips and tricks that you aren’t comfortable sharing externally
  • Create a repository of frequently asked questions
  • Share user profiles (templates) to help create reporting standards

Here are some suggestions on how to kick off your user group successfully:

  • Designate a super user to lead the group. This can be a rotating position if you have multiple people interested in filling this role.
  • Set up an internal user group website (e.g. SharePoint) where you can post questions and share documents relating to OnePager.
  • Schedule a regular meeting for the group. Most internal groups meet quarterly or monthly, depending on how active the users are and how many people are involved.

If you decide to set up your own internal OnePager users group, please let us know. We’d be happy to attend your first group meeting to share tips and to answer questions that your group has. 15-Day
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