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MasterLink: How to Best Manage Your Program or Mega Project?

Vered Maor Semel

MasterLink is a Microsoft Project add-on solution, published by Matan Consulting Group, which is a partner of Chronicle Graphics. MasterLink enables you to turn Microsoft Project into an advanced program management solution.

With MasterLink, you can radically improve the management of projects and programs that have intricate interdependencies and relationships. It complements and enhances Microsoft Project's out of the box capabilities to address interdependencies between projects.

Control Links Between Projects

What deliverables does the team member need to “give” the other projects? What tasks does the project manager need to “get” for their project?

MasterLink provides an excellent tool to track the status of these deliverables with a “Give & Get” report that enhances the management of the integrated project plan. This report is often used as a basis for project/program weekly meetings.

Track Critical Path Across Different Projects

Another MasterLink report provides the program manager with an excellent tool to understand and control the program development and risks. The project manager can look across projects to track and manage tasks, deliverables, and work packages. Additional reports are also available.

Multi-Instance Support

MasterLink provides the ability to link projects with additional link types beyond what is currently available in Microsoft Project. With MasterLink, you can connect projects between instances. Create a work package link that will mirror the task or project into another project, or choose from a wide selection of link types.

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