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OnePager 4.1 offers new dimensions for project reporting

Dr. Robert S. Feingold

Chronicle Graphics has created an exciting and set of new capabilities for project managers in its OnePager Pro and Express, release 4.1.

Project managers, previously limited in their ability to organize Gantt chart presentations in one or two dimensions (such as color or one-dimensional top-down organization on a page), are no longer constrained. With OnePager 4.1 comes the ability to organize task/milestone information into rows, group rows into swimlanes, and dynamically sort both rows and swimlanes.

OnePager 4.1 includes the following new enhancements:
  • New row and swimlane capabilities with controls over:
  • Collection of task/milestones into rows
  • Grouping of rows into swimlanes
  • Dynamic or drag-and-drop ordering of swimlanes and rows on the page
  • Redesigned import wizard to simplify the process of creating and updating OnePager reports from either Microsoft Project or Excel.
  • Increased filtering capabilities from Microsoft Project
  • Customized column mappings to allow greater flexibility for advanced Microsoft Project users
  • Simplification of summary-level task capabilities to make for easier drill-up and drill-down in reports
  • Expansion of user profiles (templates) to offer more metric options for non-US customers

The experience so far from our OnePager 4.1 beta testers has been fantastic. The enhancements to rows and swimlanes alone has elicited a loud positive response. Users are saying that OnePager now gives them the flexibility to organize information as they were never able to do in Microsoft Project or Excel.

Users of OnePager Pro and Express who subscribe to Chronicle Graphics’ maintenance and support program program are entitled to upgrade to OnePager 4.1 at any time. Users without a maintenance and support agreement may contact our sales team for information on upgrade licenses. 15-Day
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