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New Task and Milestone Formatting Options

Dr. Bob Feingold

One of the key upgrades coming in OnePager Pro 5.0 is an expanded selection of formatting options for both tasks and milestones.

In previous versions of OnePager, we provided a limited number of task and milestone shapes, a couple of fill patterns, and a one-size-fits-all approach to the height of these shapes. In OnePager Pro 5.0, your options are greatly expanded, with new flexibility to modify shape, fill, height, and even the border of each task or milestone in your chart.

OnePager Pro 5.0 offers expanded options for customizing the shape, fill, border, and height of tasks and milestones in your project plan.

The chart above illustrates a few of these enhancements:

  • Select from a vastly-expanded palette of new task and milestone shapes
  • Adjust the height of any task or milestone
  • Control the border style of the items in your chart
  • Choose from updated fill patterns to give your presentations a fresh look

Of course, in OnePager Pro 5.0, these new capabilities can be applied globally to all markers in the project view, or you may change the characteristics of individual markers at your discretion by modifying a specific marker’s shape, fill, border, height, and color.

These new features are available now in the beta version of OnePager Pro 5.0, and will soon be available to all users with a current maintenance and support subscription. We look forward to your feedback! 15-Day
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