Survey Says: Thanks for Your Feedback!

Jim Black

Thank you to all of our users who participated in our customer survey a few months ago. We have tabulated the results, and, as promised, are happy to share high-level feedback.

Our survey was designed to measure our performance in five key areas:

  • Requirements Met: How well does OnePager meet your requirements for project reporting? We scored a 91% positive rating in this area, and are hoping to improve even further as we continue to upgrade OnePager's capabilities.
  • Application Quality: Do you feel that OnePager is a high-quality application? Ninety-two percent of our users think so. Even so, usability and stability continue to be top-of-mind for our engineering team.
  • Support Effectiveness: Is our support team responsive, knowledgable, and courteous? Our users rated us at 96%, which is fantastic.
  • Return on Investment: Does OnePager live up to its promise and pay for itself? In short, yes, with 92% of users agreeing or strongly agreeing.
  • Likelihood to Refer: Do you plan to recommend OnePager to your colleagues, or have you done so already? It comes as no surprise that 91% of users will, or already do. After all, the vast majority of our new users come from referrals.

Of course, there are always areas for improvement. Our users have told us that they want us to be more proactive in sharing information about new features, and useful tips and tricks. Our user forums, blog, and LinkedIn User Group are great resources where we will continue to post this kind of information.

Others told us that it would be helpful if we had a better understanding of the types of industry-specific projects they manage. We're actively engaging with some of our industry-leading customers to understand how they manage projects so that our support and product teams can take this information into account as we continue to evolve our products and services.

Finally, we would like to send out special congratulations to Karen Wright of Alcyone, who was the winner of our $250 VISA gift card drawing. Enjoy it! 15-Day
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