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Introducing new Video and TGIF Tutorials

Chronicle Graphics Staff

Chronicle Graphics has recently launched two new ways for you to conveniently learn more about OnePager and to get some of your basic questions answered.

The first is our new library of video tutorials. These videos cover a wide spectrum of topics, from the basic questions that are common for new users, to advanced topics that our seasoned users will appreciate. The videos are intended to help you learn about OnePager on your own schedule, so we’re trying to keep each topic to 5 minutes or less so that you can watch a video and then dive back in to your OnePager plan.

We’ll be adding more and more new video tutorial topics throughout the summer, so if you have a suggestion for a topic you’d like to see us cover, just let our support team know, and we’ll be happy to include it.

In addition to the video tutorials, we’re also launching TGIF Tutorials, which give you an opportunity to attend a web-based session and ask one of our support engineers any questions you have about OnePager. This is a great way to learn more about OnePager from our expert support team, as well as to interact with other OnePager users and get creative ideas on how to use the tools.

TGIF Tutorials will be held every Friday, and are complimentary for any customer with an active maintenance and support subscription. 15-Day
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