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New user forums expand support options

Safford Black

Chronicle Graphics is pleased to announce the debut of its new online user forums, which launched earlier this summer. The forums are a great way to get a quick answer to a commonly-asked support question, or to swap tips with OnePager users outside your organization.

The user forums have two general discussion areas:

  • Tips & Tricks - This area is designed for you to share tips, tricks, and how-tos with OnePager users around the world. If you are wondering how to create a specific type of OnePager report, or want to share something you've done with others, this is the place to do it.

  • Technical Support - These discussions are more techincally-oriented, and are a good place to post a quick question that you would like our technical support team to answer. Of course, you might get a helpful response from another OnePager user as well. If you're getting an unexpected result in OnePager, the technical support forum is a good place to start. You might even find that your question has been asked and answered before!

    Many users hesitate to use online forums because of the time it takes to get a response, and the quality of the responses received. The Chronicle Graphics forums are different: when you post a question, our technical support team is immediately notified, just like they would be of an e-mail support inquiry, or a call to our support line.

    In fact, questions posted to the support forum are placed in our queue with the same priority as e-mails and phone calls. And because discussions on the forum are monitored by our technical support team, you can rest assured that you will always receive an accurate and detailed response.

    Give our user forums a try today. It's free to register, and as always, we'll never share your personal information with others. 15-Day
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