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OnePager Releases Case Study with Merck

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CENTENNIAL, CO - January 5, 2017. OnePager has released a new case study, in conjunction with Merck, which outlines how the global pharmaceutical company's project management organization delivers information to key stakeholders.

Traditionally, Merck's PMO lacked a streamlined method for displaying the full breadth of their project and portfolio plans. Individual plans could be visualized using Microsoft Project’s built-in Gantt chart viewer, but there was no way to show two, three, four or more discrete projects in a single context. Merck selected OnePager as its project reporting tool of choice to address this need, and realized a number of tangible benefits.

With OnePager, Merck project managers simply click a button in Microsoft Project, which sends the desired data (an entire plan or a curated subset) to the visualization application. OnePager automatically turns the information into a Gantt chart, which can then be customized with colors, milestone shapes, fonts and other visual branding elements. Individual line items, likewise, can be organized, grouped, or sorted into swimlanes.

“OnePager can make timeline graphics look however they need to for your team,” said Mandy Dancho, PMP, CPM, a Senior Project Specialist at Merck. “All our teams are different, and what everybody wants to see is different. [OnePager] gives us the ability to customize timelines for what any team needs to see. The impact of that ability is truly amazing.”

The full case study that summarizes Merck's implementation of OnePager is available here.

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