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OnePager 5.3 Released Today

Update enables users to more efficiently create stunning Gantt charts out of Microsoft Office data.

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CENTENNIAL, CO - December 1, 2015. In its ongoing efforts to make project presentation tools OnePager Pro and OnePager Express ever-more user friendly and adaptable, Chronicle Graphics, the maker of the applications, has released OnePager 5.3.

In beta testing since October, OnePager 5.3 now provides users with several new features – all of which are the result of customer feedback and requests – and enables users to work more efficiently.

“We’re really excited about 5.3 and the updates we’ve incorporated to make OnePager Pro and OnePager Express even more intuitive for our customers,” said Nathan Black, VP Solutions at Chronicle Graphics. “We believe that creating visually appealing, useful Gantt charts out of important data should be as easy as possible, and these updates do just that.”

One significant update that increases accessibility for users is the option to now launch OnePager directly from the desktop rather than only from within Microsoft Office.

In addition to desktop accessibility, there are three main functional updates in OnePager 5.3. These new features include:

  1. The ability to “pull” and “push” updates. OnePager versions prior to 5.3 enabled users to push data from Microsoft Project or Excel back into OnePager whenever they wanted an updated chart. Now, with the release of 5.3, in addition to push update capabilities, users also have a “pull” update option.

    By clicking one of several “Update” buttons from within the OnePager product interface, users are able to pull new data into their charts from Microsoft Project or Excel.

    Users now have a new, very convenient way to refresh the data within their charts.

  2. More efficient multi-project reporting. With OnePager 5.3, users are now able to combine multiple Microsoft Project or Excel files to create a single OnePager chart, enabling project timelines to be overlaid for a full portfolio-level view of projects and operations. Users are no longer required to combine their data into a single Microsoft Project or Excel file ahead of time.

  3. Ability to send OnePager charts directly to PowerPoint. While the ability to bring OnePager charts over to PowerPoint is an already existing feature via copy and paste functionality, OnePager 5.3 makes it even more seamless with a new, native “Send” function. For projects that span multiple pages, each page will automatically be sent to a separate PowerPoint slide. For example, if a user has a 12-page project, OnePager will create a 12-slide PowerPoint presentation.

In addition to these major functionality updates, other technical updates have been incorporated, including automatically identifying the appropriate 32/64-bit version of the software upon installation.

About Chronicle Graphics

Chronicle Graphics is the company behind OnePager Pro and OnePager Express, project presentation tools that create rich visual summaries and overviews for use with scheduling teams, senior management, and other key stakeholders. Founded in 2005, Chronicle Graphics has licensed its technology to Fortune 500 companies spanning multiple industries, in addition to numerous government agencies, and is a Microsoft Certified Partner.

For more information visit www.onepager.com or follow the company on Twitter at @onepagerpm and on LinkedIn.