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OnePager 6.0 Released

Latest version of OnePager timeline software provides users with new ways to visualize project and portfolio data

For Immediate Release

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CENTENNIAL, CO - May 1, 2017. OnePager has released version 6.0 of its leading project timeline and Gantt chart software. In private customer beta since December, OnePager 6.0 now provides all current users with a number of new capabilities that are designed to simplify project and portfolio reporting:

  1. Custom Import Filters: Decide which tasks should be included in a Gantt chart using rules-based filtering, based on conditions in one or more fields from Microsoft Project or Excel. Previously, OnePager had given users the ability to flag tasks by hand for inclusion in a project report. The addition of custom rules-based filtering will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to build and update a OnePager report.
  2. Additional Text Columns: Display up to five extra columns of project data in a timeline, complete with dynamic formatting. Users can display text, dates, currency, numbers, and other project data right on the Gantt chart. These columns can be filled with data from any field in Excel or Microsoft Project, including Enterprise Custom Fields from Project Online and Project Server.
  3. Unlimited Field Mappings: Improve users' ability to change their minds about which fields they want to include in their timelines. Newly created and newly populated fields can be imported into existing OnePager reports with ease, eliminating the need to build new reports when the underlying Project or Excel file undergoes significant changes.
  4. Alternate Unique IDs: Add flexibility for advanced users who need to identify their tasks using a method other than the traditional Microsoft Project Unique ID or the Project Server/Project Online GUID.

“We’re excited to make OnePager 6.0 available to the general public, and would like to extend our thanks to so many of our enthusiastic users who provided us with product feedback during the beta phase over the last few months,” said Nathan Black, VP Solutions at OnePager. “The upgrades we've made in OnePager 6.0 will further strengthen OnePager's importance within our existing user community, and will also drive significant adoption with new customers who are just beginning to realize the value of project and portfolio reporting.”

Upgrades to OnePager 6.0 are available at no cost to customers with an active maintenance and support subscription.

About OnePager

OnePager is the company behind OnePager Pro and OnePager Express, plan communications tools that create rich visual summaries and overviews for use with scheduling teams, senior management and other key stakeholders. Founded in 2005, OnePager has licensed its technology to Fortune 500 companies spanning multiple industries, in addition to numerous government agencies, and is a Microsoft Certified Partner.

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