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OnePager 7.0 Released

OnePager 7.0 supports data-driven predecessors and successors, plus a non-linear and floating time axis, among other upgrades.

For Immediate Release

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CENTENNIAL, CO - September 21, 2020. OnePager announced today that it has released the newest version 7.0 of its OnePager project timeline and Gantt chart software. The new OnePager 7.0, which has been available as a limited beta since April, is now available to the general public. OnePager 7.0 provides the following improvements over prior versions:

  1. Multiple Swimlane Levels: Group and sort into three levels of nested swimlanes, which is ideal for charts that need to depict the program-project-phase hierarchy.
  2. Smart Text Optimization: Updates to OnePager's text-positioning algorithms provide for more readable charts that are less likely to look cluttered, even when users present large amounts of information, thanks to optimization of whitespace. New escape paths, which the user can configure, enable OnePager to squeeze text into places that it couldn't fit previously.
  3. Refreshed User Interface: New forms, screens, and buttons give OnePager 7.0 a clean and modern look.
  4. Easier Timeline and Gantt Chart Layouts: While OnePager has always supported both timeline and Gantt chart layouts, OnePager 7.0 makes it easier to switch between the two, and to decide how to handle overlapping tasks that are concurrently-scheduled.

“OnePager 7.0 represents the latest advancements project and portfolio reporting,” said Safford Black, OnePager's COO. “The enhancements we've included in this new version are the culmination of many years of research and customer feedback. The vision of OnePager 7.0 was to make PPM reporting both easier and simultaneously more powerful, and I believe that our customers will find that our team has struck that balance beautifully.”

Users with an current maintenance and support subscription are eligible for an upgrade to OnePager 7.0 at no additional cost.

About OnePager

OnePager is the company behind OnePager Pro and OnePager Express, plan communications tools that create rich visual summaries and overviews for use with scheduling teams, senior management and other key stakeholders. Founded in 2005, OnePager has licensed its technology to Fortune 500 companies spanning multiple industries, in addition to numerous government agencies, and is a Microsoft Certified Partner.

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