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Chronicle Graphics Receives Patent Approval for OnePager’s Conditional Formatting Technology

Patent 9,251,487, issued February 2, 2016, covers OnePager’s conditional formatting engine, which has been commercially available to customers since 2013.

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CENTENNIAL, CO - February 3, 2016. Chronicle Graphics is proud to announce the issuance of U.S. Patent Number 9,251,487 for its conditional formatting technology in the OnePager product suite. The patent, titled System and Method for Computing and Overwriting the Appearance of Project Tasks and Milestones, was issued on February 2, 2016, and covers OnePager’s conditional formatting engine, which has been commercially available to customers since 2013.

“We’re thrilled to have been issued this patent for our conditional formatting capability, which is a true OnePager differentiator,” said Safford Black, founder and COO, Chronicle Graphics. “This patent ensures that OnePager products will continue to be the only project reporting applications that enable users to automatically assign shapes, colors, and styles to their timelines based on project data pulled from Microsoft Project and Excel. Rather than changing items one-by-one – which is incredibly time-consuming and exposes the risk of human error – users can depend on OnePager’s patented rules engine to turn data values into meaningful formats in one fell swoop.”

OnePager Pro and OnePager Express are project reporting software packages that enable project teams to produce rich, concise project timeline views, right from Microsoft Project or Excel.

While Chronicle Graphics holds other patents related to its OnePager software, this patent is the first in a series of patents on conditional formatting to be issued. Additional fundamental patents are currently pending with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Features of OnePager’s technology protected by the patent include:

  • Conditional formatting rules that assign color, shape, size, border, and font to items on a project timeline.
  • The ability to reassign formatting automatically as underlying project data changes (i.e., when a task status changes from “on schedule” to “complete”). When a rule causes formatting to change due to a change in data, only the current version (“snapshot”) of the timeline is affected. Prior snapshots retain original formatting based on the original project data. This gives users a visual audit trail of how their project or portfolio has evolved over time.
  • The ability to standardize conditional formatting rules into a template for use across a PMO.
  • The ability to override rules-based formatting to account for inaccuracies in underlying project data. Manually-set formatting will preserve as a “maverick” in future updates, unless otherwise directed by the end user.

About Chronicle Graphics

Chronicle Graphics is the company behind OnePager Pro and OnePager Express, project presentation tools that create rich visual summaries and overviews for use with scheduling teams, senior management, and other key stakeholders. Founded in 2005, Chronicle Graphics has licensed its technology to Fortune 500 companies spanning multiple industries, in addition to numerous government agencies, and is a Microsoft Certified Partner.

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