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OnePager Users Persuade Microsoft to Fix Project Server

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CENTENNIAL, CO - September 26, 2016. OnePager has confirmed that Microsoft has fixed several gaps in its latest releases of Project Server and Project Online, thanks in large part to an unprecedented level of outreach from users in the OnePager community who were impacted. The latest software updates to OnePager now incorporate these fixes from Microsoft.

The call to fix Project Server came when Microsoft implored its partners, including OnePager, to switch to its new CSOM interface to import data from Project Server and Project Online. However, the CSOM interface lacked the ability for users to pull certain types of custom data fields, which created a significant usability gap between Microsoft Project Server and OnePager.

OnePager reached out to its user base, proactively informing them of the loss of functionality, and began a petition with Microsoft to fix the gaps with the CSOM interface. OnePager’s user community came out in record-setting numbers, quickly making OnePager's request the top-voted Project Server petition of all time. Microsoft quickly engaged OnePager to understand the extent of the missing functionality and implemented a plan to address it. After several internal releases and thorough testing by both Microsoft and OnePager, the vast majority of the functionality previously missing from Project Server and Project Online are now available to the general public.

“Microsoft’s omission left a gaping hole in OnePager’s usability that could only be worked around by installing Project on the user’s desktop — which, of course, defeats the purpose of using a cloud app like Project Server or Online in the first place,” said Jim Black, OnePager’s CEO. “We are delighted that Microsoft listened to our mutual customers and closed the gaps, which will make for a better user experience not only in OnePager but also in Project, and in other apps that integrate with Project.”

Beginning with OnePager Pro version 5.3.11, OnePager users will be able to import the vast majority of custom fields to create timelines in Project Server and Project Online. Previously, these fields were available only if Project was installed on the desktop.

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