10 Things You Can, But Should NEVER Do In OnePager – #7

This is the seventh article in a series meant to highlight the mistakes or missteps we see most often in our OnePager support interactions. These are things we wish we could help everyone avoid, and do the proper way instead.

7 – Update without first opening the project view you want to update

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Here’s another analogy: if you hired me to paint your house, and then I just told you to trust that I’d pick the right color, would you? Probably not…

We want to verify that everything is in order before we execute, and it’s the same with OnePager.

The wrong way…

Say you’ve created a OnePager document a week ago, for a weekly meeting, and some change has occurred to your source file since you last presented your plan.

It’s time to walk into your meeting with the updated visual, so you take the following steps:

  1. Open your source file (Excel or Project)
  2. Launch OnePager via your add-ins tab
  3. Click Update
  4. Choose the visual you want to update
  5. Execute your update and push the fresh data to your OnePager document

Voilà! Your updated chart is presented.

However, what if you updated the wrong OnePager document? You have the ability to do this.

There are some guardrails in OnePager, and you will receive alerts if this happened, but there isn’t anything stopping you from accidentally forcing another source file’s data into the wrong OnePager document during an update, which can have a variety of confusing consequences.

The right way…

So why not just take a quick look at the visual you’re about to update, before you actually perform the update, as a sanity check?

  1. Open your source file (Excel or Project)
  2. Launch OnePager via your add-ins tab
  3. Click Open
  4. Choose the visual you’re planning on updating
  5. Visually verify it’s the correct OnePager document
  6. Then, perform your update

Opening the file prior to your update will give you a visual baseline for what you should see after the update…the blindfold comes off!

Here is a short video that covers the ins and outs of updating.

Have another bad habit that you’ve eliminated or hidden feature that you found recently that helped you be more efficient with OnePager?  We’d love to hear your comments!

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