10 Things You Can, But Should NEVER Do In OnePager – #9

This is the ninth article in a series meant to highlight the mistakes or missteps we see most often in our OnePager support interactions. These are things we wish we could help everyone avoid, and do the proper way instead.

9 – Zoom into your chart, the hard way

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The wrong way(s)…

On the View tab of the ribbon, we have several controls that help you control how the OnePager document fits on your screen.

Intuitively, for whatever reason, when we ask a newer user to zoom out, they will inevitably attempt to type in a numeric value into the “Zooms to” field.

If you’ve tried this, you know getting this exactly right is nearly impossible. However, like most ways to do things in OnePager, we give you options and flexibility, and this setting is an example of that.

Accidentally Resizing Instead of Zooming

The other potential path we see users go down is to begin to manipulate the size of their documents to somehow fit in the screen better. By modifying the document dimensions, you’re simply making a larger image vs. actually zooming in.

Once folks go down this path, it can become a bit of a runaway train, in that increasing shape size, font size, etc. seem like the right thing to do. In actuality, all you’ve done is recreate the wheel in larger form, rather than simply zoom in to see what you have.

You can manipulate the size and shape of your document with a drag and drop, as shown in the animated gif below. Again, DON’T DO THIS:

The right way…

The easiest way to zoom out, or zoom in, to your chart is to use the Zoom In or Zoom Out buttons (magnifying glasses), on the left size of the Layout controls. You’ll notice you can very quickly and easily click these a few times and get to the zoom level you want.

Alternatively, the “Fit: Horizontal/Vertical” selections will let you fit the document horizontally or vertically into your screen, which is also a helpful shortcut.

double-click for animation if you don’t see it

Have another bad habit that you’ve eliminated or hidden feature that you found recently that helped you be more efficient with OnePager?  We’d love to hear your comments!

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