What’s new in OnePager Pro 5.0 (Part 1/6)

New Shapes, Fills, and Borders

Prior to OnePager Pro 5.0, users were limited to rectangular task markers (“Gantt bars”) and a very small number milestone symbols. All that’s changed with OnePager Pro 5.0! You now have six additional shapes with which to represent tasks, as shown here:

As a further enhancement, the way OnePager Pro 5.0 “fills” the task marker is also enhanced with additional fill patterns as show below:

Additionally, we’ve enhanced the border options that can surround a task or milestone marker to include the border’s line type, width, and color. Look at this example of an enhanced border:

See how the task “Engineering Team 2 Development” stands out with its green, three-pixel, dash-dot-dot border format. Granted, that’s a mouthful, but you do have a lot of new options when it comes to borders! These enhancements help you focus your audience’s attention to the issues and points you want to make. You can use differences in shape, color, and border to distinguish differences between tasks in your Microsoft Project Plan.

There’s still more. We’ve added more shapes for milestones too – a total of 51 milestone marker shapes as shown here:

As with task markers, you have new fill and border options for milestones as well.

Next week, we’ll discuss some of the “drag and drop” enhancements that we’ve made to OnePager Pro’s editor.

What’s new in OnePager Pro 5.0 – Introduction


Chronicle Graphics recently released the new OnePager Pro 5.0. This release represents a significant upgrade over the previous version, and provides users of Microsoft Project (2003 through 2013) with project schedule visualization capabilities beyond Microsoft Project’s timeline view.

In this series of postings, we will present and illustrate OnePager Pro’s new features and capabilities, how these capabilities can be used to improve your effectiveness in project schedule presentations, and how OnePager Pro 5.0 gives you unique capabilities to visualize project schedule issues and situations in artful ways.

There will be six postings included in this series.

  1. The first post will describe how OnePager Pro has improved Gantt chart views produced from Microsoft Project plans, and how these views can be customized with new shapes and fills.
  2. The second post will cover enhancements to OnePager Pro’s editor, specifically how to drag, drop and resize objects on the screen.
  3. The third post will explain two new types of decorations: deadlines and endpoints, and will give you examples of each.
  4. In the fourth post, we will examine OnePager Pro’s new ribbon interface and how this improvement makes using OnePager Pro easier and more intuitive.
  5. The fifth post of this series will dive exclusively into the new and exciting conditional formatting feature. Conditional formatting allows you to specify rules for visualizing tasks and milestones with respect to their color, shape, border, font, and size all driven by Microsoft Project data.
  6. For the final post, we will discuss how OnePager Pro 5.0 provides options for visualizing projects with complex resourcing.

Throughout the series, we welcome your comments and questions, and invite you to try the new features and capabilities for yourself.