Introducing OnePager Pro and Express Version 5.2

We’re always very excited to release a new version of OnePager because it means providing more goodness for both our existing and new users!

OnePager 5.2 contains several improvements:

  1. Ability to save and share both Project View (.tam) and Template (.tat) files with more ease and flexibility
  2. Expanded milestone shape palette
  3. Ability to request a custom milestone
  4. More intuitive interface between MS Project/Excel and the OnePager Editor
  5. Streamlined User Guide

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How Conjunction Coding Wrecks Project Reports

Project managers the world over are making their project reports difficult to understand, often without knowing it. The problem is information overload, but this time, we’re not talking about including too many tasks or milestones in a project report.

This article covers a different type of information overload: too many dimensions. In other words, even though project managers have gotten better at showing an appropriate amount of detail overall, they are still trying to slice and dice their project plans too many ways at once.
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