Phase-by-Phase Timelines, One Step at a Time

One of our most common requests from new OnePager Pro users is how to create compact, concise, phase-by-phase timelines like this one:

Phase-by-Phase Portfolio Report

Users like this format because it aligns phases sequentially in the same row, instead of staggering them in a waterfall format like a traditional Gantt chart. We’ll walk you through a step-by-step approach to creating reports in this format, starting with a simple Microsoft Project plan:

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Use Perspective to Get New Meaning from the Same Data

I absolutely love art like this!  The artist is so in touch with the perspective of the camera/viewer that they can trick our eye into making a two-dimensional piece of art seem three-dimensional.  But it’s not a trick, it’s just good use of perspective.

mh922-perspectiveWith OnePager it’s actually very easy to flip your data around to provide a different point of view to your audience, which may bring to light different and important information to be absorbed.
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