Resources and Cost – A Community Garden

We get asked a LOT what OnePager can provide in terms of displaying resource and cost data.  The question doesn’t come in a specific way.  It really is this generic: “Can you display resource and cost data?”

First, let’s answer the question:  YES.
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The Portfolio Management Tipping Point (2 in a 2-part Series)

Our last article discussed the 4 main classifications of tools, as we see them, for teams that believe they have outgrown the applications current supporting their projects or portfolio.

In this article, we’ll actually discuss what teams might need to consider in order to come to a conclusion about which tools suit their requirements.

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The Portfolio Management Tipping Point (1 of a 2-part Series)

As we introduce more and more people to OnePager, we often come across people who are researching new tools for their organization.  Their business has matured to a point where the previous mechanisms of project management will simply not provide what is required for the business to be effective.

What becomes apparent, however, is that their trigger to think strategically has come way too late. eyes-out-of-the-water
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Phase Gate Timelines from Microsoft Project or Excel

Many of our OnePager users are now building what they call “Phase Gate Timelines,” where they take key milestones from their plans and line them up left-to-right in sequence for an abbreviated, but informative look at multiple projects:


OnePager can build a phase gate timeline from either Microsoft Project or Excel, as the data you need is pretty similar:

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