Automated WBS in Excel

When you’re building a plan in Excel, especially with OnePager, automated population of data can be critical to gaining efficiency in the long-run.

Organizing, updating, visualizing, and generally making sense of your plan will all be much faster and easier if you have the data there from the beginning to leverage sorting and filtering capabilities built into Excel and OnePager.

Adding a WBS is another value that can be added to your Excel plan to help in this regard, however, having to do that manually may seem daunting.  Luckily, the internet provides when it comes to Excel knowledge and we found a very nice article and template previously posted online that can might provide you an excellent start!

WBS Excel
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OnePager Pro is fully compatible with Project 2016

As project managers gear up for the release of Project 2016, many are probably wondering whether their Project add-ins from the 2010 or 2013 editions will still work. As far as the OnePager Pro Gantt chart add-in is concerned, we have good news — it works!

Thousands of project managers have used OnePager Pro to turn their project plans into beautiful, easy-to-understand Gantt charts like the one below. The Gantt chart feature in Project itself is limited in its customizability, and Project Gantt charts cannot be versioned. By contrast, OnePager Gantt charts are fully customizable — you can change colors and fonts or sort tasks into swimlanes and rows, all based on the data in your plan — and you can create multiple “snapshots” of the same plan at different points in time.
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OnePager Pro Video from Webucator

Our friends at Webucator have produced a quick tutorial video on OnePager Pro based on how they have observed their Microsoft Project clients making use of it:

If you are ever in need of Microsoft Project classes, Webucator offers a number of great options to help you get your feet wet, or to advance your Microsoft Project knowledge to the next level.

Thanks, Webucator, for your overview of OnePager Pro!