If You Use Microsoft Project Server or Project Online, You May Be in Trouble. Here’s What to Do.

OnePager has been a proud Microsoft Partner for many years. We both build and integrate with Microsoft technology. So we are generally pretty pro-Microsoft. But in this case, we think Microsoft has messed up big time, and it will negatively impact thousands of our customers. That’s why we’re asking you to get involved.

To make a long story short, starting this year, it may no longer be possible to use OnePager to make graphics from Project Server 2016 without also doing a desktop installation of Microsoft Project Professional. That means our customers who want to pull project data directly into OnePager from Project Server or Project Online, without using Microsoft Project on the desktop, will be out of luck. If that bothers you, good — we discuss at the bottom of this post what to do about it. First, a little detail.

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Did 2015 have 52 Weeks or 53?

We’ve been debating this internally for about four months now: Everyone knows that there are 52 weeks in a year, right? Unfortunately, it’s never exactly 52, since 365 (or 366 in leap years) are not evenly divisible by seven.

Project managers regularly track their teams’ work by numbered weeks, so it’s not surprising that project reports need to be able to show which activities appear in a given week with some consistency. Believe it or not, there is not a consensus as to which week is which, or even when one week ends and the next begins.

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The revealing truth about the plan and schedule

Special Guest Article from Deb Schaffer at ProProject Manager

Project managers have many different roles: scheduler, budget analyst, occasional relationship coach. Educator is one role that is often unexpected. Often we are asked, “Aren’t the project plan and the schedule the same thing?”

Let’s eliminate the confusion about this. Your friends don’t think that the directions to your house are the actual house, right? Here’s some clarification.

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