Is America Turning Purple?

With Hillary Clinton scheduled to accept the Democratic Party’s nomination for president tonight in Philadelphia, the U.S. general election is officially upon us.

Election Results

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That means we can expect plenty of fireworks, cable news prognostication, and partisan bile in the next three months. Most of that, it’s safe to say, is best ignored. Fortunately, an election year also brings plenty for the history- and data-minded among us.

With Nov. 8 in mind, we took a look at how state-by-state voting results have changed over the last 13 presidential elections. You can find our visualization – made in OnePager for Excel – here, or expand it by clicking the thumbnail on this page. Bright blue means an overwhelming Democratic victory, and red means the same for the Republicans. Shades of purple represent a closer vote; true purple would be a 50-50 tie.

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Customer Experience Alignment –

For several years, we’ve been conscious that our company name, our website, and our product names may not be streamlined enough in order to best serve our prospective and existing customers. In an effort to strengthen our customer experience overall, we have been working to align our product names, company name, and our URL with OnePager.

As a part of that effort, we would like to introduce to the world.

Brand Transition
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Critical Path: It’s not “the most important stuff”

Critical Path comes up frequently in our interactions with our customers. Most executives we speak with still use the term Critical Path to describe “the most important stuff.” But those of us who are trained project managers and schedulers know that’s not exactly right.

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Why do Summary Tasks Always Appear Behind Schedule?

Have you ever walked into a project status meeting, proud of how all of your deliverables are on track, only to have someone ask you why the phase or project-level summary task shows that you are behind schedule? Everything you’ve been tasked with doing is on time, but for some reason, the summary shows that you are weeks or months behind.

Here’s why:

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