Right-Clicks in OnePager – Hidden Gems

You may or may not have realized this yet, but if you right-click on different places in OnePager, you’re going to experience very different and specific things. Here are a handful of good examples:

1 – Right-click in the body of the chart (but not on a shape):

rc-on-body-of-the-chartThis allows you certain options related to swimlanes and rows, including the ability to turn them off. This is a nice shortcut to avoid having to navigate back to the Project-View Properties and update the settings in the Rows and Swimlanes tab…much less button clicking. You can also very quickly Copy your chart to the clipboard for Pasting into PowerPoint, which a lot of users often overlook, or don’t realize is possible. Continue reading

MPUG Webinar – Cognitive Psychology + Project Management


san-francisco-174Our COO, Safford Black, who holds a BA in Psychology and Management from Rice University, is conducting a webinar this Wednesday, 11/17 for MPUG.  In it, he will discuss Cognitive Psychology and Plan Communications, and the importance of these two things in project management. You’re welcome to sign up here.

Safford’s recent article on this subject was already shared by MPUG earlier this month, and is well worth the read.

As always, we appreciate any comments, suggestions, or requests for topics!

“Simplicity is courageous” …is BRILLIANT

confusing-road-signWe’re going to continue gushing about Scott Berinato’s book “Good Charts” in this article (it probably won’t be the last time).

Berinato references Braess’s Paradox – “a principle of traffic management…which states that adding route options (new roads, new lanes) to congested roadways can decrease traffic performance.” Relating this to visuals, “the thing about having options is that it slows us down.” We love this analogy because being presented with data visualizations in business is very much the same. Someone hands you a chart, and you are immediately looking for only what you need.

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