Highlighting Estimated Tasks

If you mark tasks as estimated in Microsoft Project, it’s a good idea to mark them as estimated in OnePager as well. This helps your audience understand that the dates in your Gantt chart aren’t firm and are subject to change:

Here’s how estimated tasks appear in Microsoft Project:

To make estimated tasks stand out in OnePager, you want to use conditional formatting, which is under Home > Project View Properties > Task Bars. Click the Manage Rules button to set up a rule that will format your estimated tasks differently:

In this example, we’ll apply a dashed red border for any tasks that Microsoft Project tell us is estimated. Here’s how your OnePager chart will look after adding the rule:

If you’re interested for a more in-depth set of instructions on how to accomplish this, read our related article on estimated tasks.

Removing Inactive Tasks from your OnePager Gantt Chart

Did you know that OnePager can automatically remove inactive tasks from your report, even if you still have them flagged for import in Microsoft Project?

Let’s start with a simple Microsoft Project schedule. Notice that all five tasks are active, and all five tasks have “Flag 20” set to “Yes”:

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OnePager 6.1: Lines to Floating Labels

Double-click for larger image

Big things come in small packages, as they say, and this particular feature added in OnePager 6.1 fits that description perfectly.

In 6.1 a new checkbox was added to the Comment Boxes tab on the Project View Properties form, per the below image, that allows a user to make the comment box transparent, and draw a line between the task/milestone shape and the comment box itself.

The transparent box gives the appearance of a floating label, and the new line allows us to visually connect the text to the corresponding shape.

The example I created above was generated by using task absorption. However, you may also turn all of your task or milestone labels into comment boxes using the Task Bar/Milestone Label Properties button, per the below example.

There are likely many ways this small enhancement might be utilized, and we look forward to seeing what you come up with!