What’s new in OnePager 7.2: Harvey Balls for Percent Complete

In our most recent blog post covering the new features in OnePager 7.2, we looked at how to assign symbols in a column to track the status of individual activities. We’ll continue our look at symbol columns in this article with another very popular use case: using Harvey Ball symbols to represent percent complete.

Let’s begin with the same project that we used earlier, noting the different percent complete values for each task:

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What’s new in OnePager 7.2: Symbol Columns

Last month, we announced the release of OnePager 7.2. In the coming weeks, our blog will explore many of the new features that are available in this latest version. We’ll kick things off by taking about Symbol Columns, which as the name implies, enable you to place symbols into columns instead of text, as you may have done in the past.

Symbol columns are driven by conditional formatting, meaning that you can write a handful of rules to automatically decide which symbols appear where and when. To get started, let’s assume that we have a basic Gantt chart like this:

This Gantt chart displays percent complete as a progress bar, and also color-codes the tasks based on their status. For example, green tasks are complete, while red tasks are late. We can use symbol columns to display both percent complete and status, either in addition to or in lieu of the formatting in the body of the chart itself.

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