What’s new in OnePager 7.2: Change Tracking

Up next in our overview of the new features available in OnePager 7.2 is one that users have been requesting for a long time: change tracking.

OnePager’s patented snapshots have always given you the ability to quickly update your charts as your underlying project data has changed, and to navigate back and forth between the different versions of your timeline to visualize those changes.

Beginning in OnePager 7.2, you can now use conditional formatting to visually identify changes between snapshots without needing to navigate back in time.

In this example, we’ll assume that you already have a OnePager chart, and have made some changes to some of the dates in your project plan. To get started with change tracking, you need to bring those updated dates into OnePager by adding a snapshot. You can do this by going to the Data tab, clicking the Add Snapshot button, and picking a date for the second snapshot in your chart:

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What’s new in OnePager 7.2: Advanced Conditional Formatting

Conditional formatting of tasks and milestones is one of OnePager’s most powerful feature sets, both in terms of the time it saves you and the accuracy it ensures. With OnePager 7.2, we’ve drastically expanded the number of task and milestone properties that you can control with conditional formatting. These new properties include:

  • Percent Complete: Percent Complete Bar On/Off, Bar Color, Show Incomplete Milestones as Unfilled, Checkmark Percent Complete
  • Baselines: Baseline Symbol On/Off, Shapes, Colors
  • Critical Path Segments: Critical Path Segments On/Off, Color
  • Deadlines & Endpoints: Deadline and Four Endpoints On/Off, Shape, Color
  • Task Representation: Whether an event should be displayed as a task or a milestone
  • Date Labels: Start Date Position, Finish Date Position, Font
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