What’s New in OnePager 7.2: Time Cursor Pointers

The next set of upgrades that we’ll explore in OnePager 7.2 relate to the time cursor, the vertical line in your chart that is tied to your snapshot (status) date and acts as a “line of scrimmage” between those parts of your project that have already taken place, and those in the future:

OnePager 7.2 offers a number of upgrades to the time cursor, the first of which is the ability to add a pointer that better accentuates the snapshot date of your chart.

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What’s New in OnePager 7.2: Change Tracking with Virtual Baselines

In our previous blog post, we discussed OnePager 7.2’s new ability to visually track changes to your project using conditional formatting. In this article, we’ll explore a second way to track changes using a new virtual baseline capability.

Long-time OnePager users know that you can map your baseline markers to any date field from your PPM system; usually one of the standard baseline fields. Beginning with OnePager 7.2, we now give users the ability to generate virtual baselines that are based on the dates in earlier versions of the project, instead of the official baseline in the project plan. Virtual baselines come in two forms:

  • Previous Snapshot: Looks at the start and finish dates from the snapshot immediately preceding the current snapshot in your chart, giving you the ability to see what has changed since your more recent update.
  • First Snapshot: Looks at the start and finish dates from the first snapshot in your chart, letting you see what has changed cumulatively since the project first started.
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