What’s New in OnePager 7.2: Transparency

Beginning in OnePager 7.2, you have the ability to apply transparency to the fill color of task bars and dynamic milestones. This is useful if you need to indicate that a task isn’t completely set in stone, or if you have two tasks that are concurrently scheduled and you want to blend the colors in the overlapping portion:

Transparency is a sliding scale, with 0% meaning opaque, and 100% meaning invisible. We recommend a semi-transparent (translucent) value of 50% as a starting point.

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What’s New in OnePager 7.2: Time Cursor Shading

In our previous blog post, we looked at Time Cursor Pointers, as one of the upgrades available in OnePager 7.2. In this blog post, we’ll turn our attention to Time Cursor Shading, which is another way to delineate between past and future tasks.

If the idea sounds familiar, it’s because this type of shading is not a new concept in OnePager. With previous versions, you’ve been able to insert a Curtain to mark an important period of time in your project, or to automatically shade non-working days.

Time Cursor Shading is similar, in that it shades a portion of your project. What makes Time Cursor Shading unique is it follows the Time Cursor of your project, meaning that as your project advances, the shading will automatically move to keep pace.

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