OnePager Pro & Express 6.1 are Here!

OnePager Pro 6.1 chart, featuring data-driven dependencies and a stretched time axis.

We’re pleased to announce that OnePager 6.1 is now available to the general public! OnePager 6.1 has been over a year in the making, but the sheer number of new and improved features make it well worth the wait. Here is an overview of some of the most important upgrades that are now available:

  1. Data-Driven Task Links (Dependencies): Import predecessors and successors directly from Microsoft Project, Project Online, or Primavera P6, if you’re a OnePager Express user.
  2. Upgrades to Task Link Formatting: Format predecessors and successors with a new palette of line styles, arrowheads, rounded corners. Smart link routing plus drag and drop editing helps show links without cluttering the chart.
  3. Non-Linear Time Axis: Stretch or hide one or more periods on the time axis to add or remove focus.
  4. Floating Time Axis: Insert one or more time axes in the middle of the chart, adding an important visual reference for larger reports.
  5. Hide or Shade Weekends, Weekdays, and Non-Working Hours: Define working and non-working hours, then automatically highlight or hide non-working time (or even entire days) from the time axis.
  6. Percent Complete Based on Working Time: More accurately represent project progress with an improved percent complete calculation based on working and non-working hours.
  7. Custom Date Formats: Create user-defined date formats for labeling the time axis, tasks/milestones, or text columns.
  8. New Shapes and Color Palettes: Modern colors, gradients, shapes, and borders add a fresh look to Gantt charts created in OnePager 6.1.
  9. Auto-Save: Automatically save a backup of the user’s project report to protect from data loss during power outages and unexpected Windows restarts.

Please see the below links to determine whether or not you qualify for this upgrade at no cost, to find out where to retrieve it, and to watch a video about the new changes.

OnePager 6.1 Task Links Video Overview

This first video covers how to import links from Microsoft Project or Excel, and how to filter and format them for optimum readability. The video is best viewed full-screen.

OnePager 6.1 Time Axis Video Overview

The second video covers the most important changes to OnePager’s time axis, including hiding and stretching time, and the new floating time axis. Again, we recommend viewing this video full-screen.

How to Upgrade

To upgrade to OnePager 6.1, please follow these guidelines:

-If your maintenance is current, you are entitled to this release at no additional cost, and you can download using this link.

-If you’re unsure if your maintenance is current, you can check your status using this link.

-If you know you are not eligible for a free upgrade, but are interested in purchasing an upgraded 6.1 license, please contact [email protected] for a quote.

-Lastly, make sure to sign up for release notifications at the bottom of the Release Information page, so you can get an email as we continue to refine OnePager 6.1 over the coming months.

Stay tuned to the blog, as we’ll be exploring the new OnePager 6.1 features in more detail over the coming weeks!

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