Automated WBS in Excel

When you’re building a plan in Excel, especially with OnePager, automated population of data can be critical to gaining efficiency in the long-run.

Organizing, updating, visualizing, and generally making sense of your plan will all be much faster and easier if you have the data there from the beginning to leverage sorting and filtering capabilities built into Excel and OnePager.

Adding a WBS is another value that can be added to your Excel plan to help in this regard, however, having to do that manually may seem daunting.  Luckily, the internet provides when it comes to Excel knowledge and we found a very nice article and template previously posted online that can might provide you an excellent start!

WBS Excel

Jeremy Modjeska’s approach was to create a macro that would populate the WBS and auto-format some of the task names in Excel based on level of indent, per the example above.

Here is a link to his blog post where he describes his thinking and provides his code, along with a downloadable sample Excel file.

Without this level of organization, you will inevitably be looking at a large list of things.  While the large list can be useful, without a visual queue, it will be very difficult to tell where one group of activities/milestones ends and another begins.

I find the solution very helpful and hope you do to!

As always, comments and questions are welcome.

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