Automatically Hiding Completed Tasks

If you are a regular user of OnePager Pro with Microsoft Project, you already know about Flag20 and how it’s used to bring over tasks with a Yes value. However, there might be instances where you want to filter your tasks further and exclude tasks once they have finished. When this situation arises, you can use Conditional Import Rules to check not only for Flag20, but also for an incomplete status.

Let’s say we need OnePager to know when a task or milestone finishes so that it can be removed from the chart. Right out of the gate, this sounds like a very tedious task as you would need to not only track the status of each task but also mark them as No in your Flag20 field once they finish. Fear not, though, as there is a much faster and easier way to do this.

To auto-hide completed tasks or milestones, you need to set up some rules to have OnePager filter based on status. During the chart creation process, choose the option called Select tasks by custom filter underneath Task Selection:

The Conditional Import Rules screen will pop up, where you can create two rules that work together to only bring over tasks that are (a) flagged and (b) incomplete. You should start by clicking the radio button next to ALL of the following are true, which tells OnePager that both rules need to apply before a task can be imported. Here’s how the two rules should look:

Once you’ve created the two rules, hit OK and Create a new chart. You will see that your chart contains no completed tasks or milestones, even if they were marked with a Yes in Flag20.

These rules don’t just apply when you first create your chart; they’ll continue to work as you update it as well. This means that once one of your flagged tasks finishes, OnePager will automatically remove it as a part of the update.

The example above uses Microsoft Project, but you can create the same type of dual conditional import for Smartsheet (Checkbox column + %Complete) or Primavera P6 (User-Defined Field + Activity %Complete), and achieve an identical result.

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