Best of OnePager Blog – Formulas in Microsoft Project

We’ve recently had a significant uptick in readership and for that reason we’d like to begin sprinkling in some of, what might be considered, our best posts in organized groups.

This week we’re going to share previous posts that will help you automate population of Flag columns in Project through the use of formulas.  Your Flag columns are Custom Fields in Project, which means that you can write formulas to avoid manually combing through your data and putting a “yes” value where you need them.FormulasImage

Here are three posts that cover specific formulas that will help in certain situations.  The formulas within are also something that hopefully you can build off of, as you get to know how formulas in MS Project work, which isn’t easy!

Using Formulas to Filter Dates in a Master Project File

Microsoft Project Formulas: the Smart Way to Filter Tasks for OnePager Pro

The (Relatively) Painless Way to Show Resource Allocation in a Gantt Chart

If you have a need for a specific formula and you just cannot figure it out, please send us a note at [email protected] or leave a comment on this post.  We’d love to help and we love a challenge!

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