Bulletproof Templatized Legend

If you don’t want your legend to change in your OnePager visual during updates, there are two ways to accomplish this.

In OnePager version 5.3 we added the ability to “Freeze legend when updating” with a new setting in the Legend tab of the Project-View Properties, per the screenshot below.

Once you check this box and save your file, your legend should not change the next time you open or update it.

There is an alternative to this, that will also allow you to Templatize your legend.

First, get your legend into pristine form.

When ready, open your installed screen capture app, like SnagIt or Screen to Gif, and take a screenshot of your legend. Then save that to a .png or .gif file, somewhere you can find it later.

Open your OnePager Project View again and go to the Insert tab in the ribbon tool bar and click on the Picture button, then find your image file to insert.

You may need to resize the legend with drag and drop.

Finally, click the Copy to Template button on the ribbon and save your new .tat file with the Legend image in it, to your folder of templates.

The next time you employ this new Template your legend will be waiting for you as an image, just as you left it.

If you ever decide you want to remove the image from the Template, click the Templates button in your add-ins tab to open the Template Properties form, then choose Edit -> Images. Another dialog box will open to allow you to delete that image, using your delete key.

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