New Video: Mapping ANY Fields from Project or Excel Into OnePager

In earlier versions of OnePager, we gave you the option to select the fields that you wanted to import when you were first building your report, but didn’t offer the flexibility to change your mind and add new fields later on.

That changed last year with version 6.0.  Take a look at this video to see how to map ANY field from Project or Excel into an existing OnePager Project View:

New Video – OnePager Express Starter Tips: Proper Excel Structure

Over the next couple months we’ll be creating some videos that outline specific tips to ensure our OnePager Express users understand the fundamentals, and what to avoid, when it comes to using Excel to create and update visuals successfully in OnePager.

Here is the first, which discusses how to structure the Excel data to work properly with OnePager Express.

New Video: OnePager Output

OnePager gives you a LOT of flexibility when it comes to getting your visuals out and front of your audience for consumption.

We’ve created a video to help cover the settings you need to be aware of, and the steps to take, for Copy/Paste, Printing, Export, and Save As.

If you have any questions, or feel like we’ve missed something, please feel free to add a comment, or to send an email to [email protected]. We value your input and feedback.

OnePager 6.0 Is Here!

The three main changes in the 6.0 Release:

  1. A custom filter to allow you to use criteria in your data to choose which activities and milestones to include in your visual (vs. just a “Yes” column).
  2. The ability to display up to 5 columns from your source file in your OnePager chart.
  3. Unlimited access to the columns in your source files to drive labels, organization, formatting, and Unique IDs.

Please see the below links to determine whether or not you qualify for this upgrade, at no cost, to find out where to retrieve it, and to watch a video about the new changes. Continue reading