Co-term and Centralize Management of Your OnePager Licenses

OnePager is a grassroots application that grows from the bottom up in an organization. People find it, have to have it, and then simply find or grind a way to buy it.

Then it begins to spread.

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This growth is great, but eventually a company might begin to accumulate lots of separate licenses with maintenance renewal reminders going to several different users or contacts, all on different dates. These renewals are then all processed separately.

This is all very inefficient and costly, but often there is no other way. Some users will have to begrudgingly manage their own OnePager software, indefinitely.

However, many of our customers have dedicated resources, usually within IT or some other Asset Management team, or even in the PMO, that will decide to centralize ownership, due to the growth of the OnePager application internally, and a desire for better efficiency.

Once this resource appears, we always discuss our ability to “co-term” the renewal dates for maintenance. This will allow a single resource to receive the renewal reminder, and once the maintenance is co-termed, we can make sure only one reminder is sent.

Another benefit is that this same centralized resource will often manage decisions on upgrades and versioning, ensuring that all OnePager users are on the same release, which is imperative if teams are required to share OnePager files with each other.

The process to co-term is pretty simple:

  1. We do a simple calculation to determine the cost
  2. We send a quote
  3. Once payment is received, we do the work on our end to update your orders in our licensing system to the agreed-upon date
  4. The end.

It is not necessary to execute a formal legal agreement to do this.

If you’d like to explore co-terming your orders and licenses, please send an email to [email protected] and we’ll get the ball rolling.

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