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For several years, we’ve been conscious that our company name, our website, and our product names may not be streamlined enough in order to best serve our prospective and existing customers. In an effort to strengthen our customer experience overall, we have been working to align our product names, company name, and our URL with OnePager.

As a part of that effort, we would like to introduce to the world.

Brand Transition

The History:

Our company was formed back in 2005 as Chronicle Graphics, Inc. Initially, we supported several software solutions, OnePager among them.

However, it quickly became clear to us that OnePager was the standout, and this has been our primary application and product, ever since. This is why we have decided to change our company name to OnePager, our URL to, and continue to tout the benefits of our product, OnePager.

OnePager has two flavors, currently: OnePager Pro works with Microsoft Project, and OnePager Express works with Excel.

Very soon, we will have a third flavor called OnePager Live, which will live and work in the cloud. We have big expectations for OnePager Live, as it will allow instant access to OnePager without having to download anything. It will be independent of operating system, which will allow Mac users to engage with it, and, over time, it will work with a variety of data…not just Project and Excel files.

More information on OnePager Live will be available in the near future, but if you’d like to receive bulletins about OnePager Live via email, please sign up here.

We plan to initiate more positive changes in our overall customer experience soon.

We owe a big thank you to all of our users. Quite obviously, all of our success, to date, can be attributed to you. Your input and willingness to give us your opinions is what has helped us improve year over year. We are so grateful.

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Jay carries with him fourteen years of project management experience within the cable, telecom, construction, software development, and energy industries. The spectrum of projects and programs that Jay has managed throughout his career is broad and deep, enabling him to help clients implement OnePager software in a multitude of applications.

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