Ever See Phantom Shapes in OnePager? Hit Redraw

Now and again you might experience what appears to be the outline of a shape, or “ghost shape” in your chart after executing a sequence of mouse movements.

You can’t click on these items or select them in any way.

There is a very easy way to remove these if they do appear: the View > Redraw button.

If you see some sort of graphical remnant like this, simply navigate to the View tab and click on the Redraw button that is on the right-hand side of the ribbon and your view should be redrawn without the ghost.


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Jay carries with him fourteen years of project management experience within the cable, telecom, construction, software development, and energy industries. The spectrum of projects and programs that Jay has managed throughout his career is broad and deep, enabling him to help clients implement OnePager software in a multitude of applications.

6 thoughts on “Ever See Phantom Shapes in OnePager? Hit Redraw

  1. You don’t know how much time you just saved me on this! Usually I just close and reopen the project view. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for this tip! I actually JUST had this issue this morning, then this email tip came in and it’s now fixed! Very timely.

  3. Thank you for this tip. It got rid of the phantom box very nicely. However, there is a blank row left where it was. There’s nothing in the MS Project schedule that follows the last item above the blank row, in that swimlane. The blank row is still there after I close out of OnePager and make a new update.

    • Very good Carol. OnePager doesn’t create rows for no reason, so it’s possible that a shape occupied that row at some point, or that there is still a shape there in that row but out of sight for a variety of reasons.
      If you simply want the row gone, you can right-click on it and hide that row. If you think there is something else wrong, please log a ticket on our website at http://www.onepager.com/support !

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