Ever Wonder What The Crop Button Is?

Have you ever wondered what this button does?  The Crop button is used to hide empty rows in OnePager.  Knowing about cropping (aka “hiding”) will allow you to be a more efficient user of OnePager, and also avoid confusion if you use snapshots.Crop Button Image

The button will appear grayed out if OnePager does not recognize any empty rows in your OnePager project view.

If you move a task out of a row, thereby making it empty, you will see that your crop button will now become enabled.

How OnePager “recognizes” empty rows depends on how you have your Row Hiding Options setup in the Advanced tab of the Project-View Properties.Crop Options Button  To open the Row Hiding Options, click on the Crop Options button in the Advanced tab.Row Hiding Options

There are 4 options:

1 – Look at current snapshot only – This setting allows OnePager to enable the crop button on the Home tab for rows that contain shapes in previous snapshots.  For example, if you create an initial snapshot, then flip the Flag value for a shape to a No, then create a new snapshot, OnePager will want to retain that row in your new snapshot.

2 – Crop newly empty rows on import – This checkbox will automatically hide any empty rows that are created during an update, where a shape may have existed previously in that row.

3 – Unhide rows for flagged tasks/milestones – This checkbox will automatically unhide rows during an update that now contain a shape (Flag from a No to a Yes) but have been previously hidden for some reason.

4 – Hide rows when tasks are outside of date range – This checkbox will automatically hide rows that appear empty because a shape falls outside of the left or right time axis boundary

We suggest that, like all of the settings, you tinker with them to have a better understanding of what the Crop Options can accomplish.

Have an idea about how to make this better?  We’d love to hear it!  Please leave comments or send me an email at [email protected].



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