Everything a New OnePager User Needs

So you’re new to OnePager and unable to purchase training.

Maybe you’ve got some coworkers who use it, but they don’t have time to tell you what they know.

In this situation, you’ve got one option: self-help.

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We’ve designed our website specifically for this purpose. Almost everything you’d ever want to know about OnePager is there. But, the trick is you have to make the time to browse it, and educate yourself.

Early in any training class, I always assign some homework: schedule a lunch hour for you (and any colleagues you can find) to watch the OnePager video tutorials. The “lunch hour” part of this is critical because you won’t, as easily, get sucked into email distractions, while you’re learning, and the videos shouldn’t take you much more than an hour.

DO THIS RIGHT NOW, otherwise, you’ll never make the time to learn. For some reason, we’ll attend a training class if it’s offered to us, but if we need to figure out a new tool no our own, we’ll very rarely make the time for that…we’d rather just stumble our way into it.

However, with OnePager, there are some fundamentals that should be pointed out to you, which will allow you to achieve maximum efficiency, and the videos will help with that.

Outside of the videos, you also need to bookmark these links:

If this isn’t something you ever plan on doing, then training is likely the right choice.

If you get in a jam, you’re also able to give us a call with a specific question, if your maintenance subscription is current. If you’re not sure about that for any reason, you can check it here.

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